This Site was first created only for Fun and the first Iteration was more intended for my artistic expression, but then evolved into a Collection of Information about various esoteric and controversal Themes.

There also was always an Guestbook here, but the first was very buggy, so i adapted and enhanced the original Code of it into what you can see now. The funny Thing about is, i added all the Things that the Users of the original always wanted, but the original Author never added. The original Guestbook was available for free but has vanished now from the Internet and is no more available. If someone has an interest for the modified and enhanced Version used here, please contact me.

With Time passing, various little Things was added, like a Newspage and Sites which have later been scripted to make the updating a bit easier. And of course a Forum was added, which then has been modified and changed many Times and to which later Flashchat was added and also removed again some Years later because of an Major Update to the Forum which made it incompatible. The Forum is also both german and english, both is welcome there.

The newest Addition is now a separate Chat that is accessible from the Frontpage and from the Forum itself. If the Chat is accessed from the Forum while you are logged in there, you will get logged in automatically with your Username of the Forum. If the Chat is accessed from the Frontpage, it's also possible to join it as Guest or also to register a Username solely for the Chat. The new Chat also offers Video and Picture sharing as well as other nice Features.

The only Difference between Guest login and registering is that for Guests all Data is automatically deleted after some Time, while it is saved for Users that have registered. It's also possible to change the rights in the Chat for registered Users, while this is logically not possible for Guests.

The Chat is open for everyone and also is fully encrypted because the whole Site is SSL encrypted now, so enjoy it.

This Site was build and is maintained by myself and is a complete non-profit Project. Also most of the Pictures and other little Things here have also been created by myself. My Goal always was to provide a nice Place to be, read interesting Things and to meet interesting People. :)